Created in 2000, Les Contes de Lorraine offers children 3 to 9 years old, tales adopted into table puppet theatre. The artist’s intention is to cultivate active listening through storytelling from within, holding in the heart the wisdom they contain. The living language of the tales envelops the child in delight, improves his sense of wonder and cultivates the imagination. In a warm surrounding, sound and light reveal a magic world, and, “Once upon a time…” comes to life through the beauty of the setting. In a moment, the child is carried to where the storyteller’s voice brings him.

Each tale is followed by a creative workshop, if requested. There are approximately twenty tales of wonder in the repertory of Les Contes de Lorraine, available in French and in English.

« If ever there was an art on which the whole community of mankind has worked, it is of the ageless tale. The folk tale is the primer of the picture-language of the soul.” - Joseph Campbell

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