Pedagogical Approach

The educator and Jungian analyst Clarissa Pinkola Estés describes storytelling as this: “If a story is seed, then we are its soil. Just hearing the story allows us to experience it as though we ourselves were the heroine who either falters or wins out at the end… In a very real way, we are imprinted with knowing just by listening to the tale.”

Keepers of our collective memory, guardian of language, storytelling is an ancient art form that reaches across cultures, reflecting our shared human experience. It is a precious pedagogical tool. An essential, unique artistic style at the service of education and language.

“Once upon a time”… comes to life with the storyteller’s voice as hand-sculpted wool figures, human and animal, real and imagined, dance across the created universe on a table in front of the child.

Approche pédagogique

The living structure and form of the staging of tales meets the child wherever they are in their psychological and emotional reality. When a child hears: “Once upon a time…” they listen with all their being. Here they can safely receive the images and messages presented by the tale of wonder. The child gets to know and understand the human being in all its challenges, struggles, sorrows and joys.

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